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This course is an opportunity to meet as a group and discuss the path and practice of ashtanga yoga; how it works to so profoundly deepen our experience of living and to explore topics of interest that we rarely have the opportunity to cover on the mat.

This year in our special Yoga Appreciation study classes we build on our understanding of the method of the practice, we will review the teaching of the practice in depth and we will nurture our practical foundation with spiritual enquiry and chanting.


TERM 1 Monday 9 February - Monday 30 March = 8 Weeks
TERM 2 Monday 20 April - Monday 15 June* = 8 Weeks *NB. Monday 27 April & Monday 8 June is a Public Holiday
TERM 3 Monday 20 July - Monday 7 September = 8 Weeks
TERM 4 Monday 12 October - Monday 30 November = 8 Weeks


Mondays 8am-9am OR Mondays 7.30-9pm OR Fridays 1.30-2.30pm

More info available from our WORKSHOPS page.

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