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To complement our Yoga Appreciation studies, in 2014 a Sutra Study Course will be introduced. These classes are open to all students practicing at Ashtanga Yoga Space.

It is our commitment to offer classes only in asana, but also to explore the philosophical foundations of the ashtanga method together.

We will start with the Samadhi Pada & make our way chanting and translating the 196 sutras that comprise the 4 Chapters of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the text that the philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga (or the 8 limbs) of our asana practice is based upon. Newcomers will be welcomed at any point.

We will look at the root of “Ashtanga” & Raja Yoga as collated and set out by Patanjali. the great Indian sage. He was the first yogi to systematize an approach to yoga, and his eight-limb system provided then, as it still does today, a set order of steps through which we as practitioners can progress in order to reach a state of yoga.

Classes will be held immediately following the Monthly Primary Series Counted Led Class from 7.30-8.30am. All material will be supplied.

Class Dates – Second Friday of each Month
• March 14
• April 11
• May 9
• June 13
• *July 18
• August 8
• September 12
• *October 10
• November 14
• December 12
NB: Class in July & October will be changed due to School Holidays

• Course = $300
• Single Class = $33

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