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Accessing the Building
The front doors of the Neighbourhood Centre will automatically open at 6am during the week and 6.30am on Saturday and Sunday. Come in the front doors and take the stairs or lift up to level 1. We are in the large studio room opposite the kitchen.

Shared Mats
Large black mats for you to use if you don’t have your own mat.

Mat Storage
Available for annual & quarterly students.

Change Rooms & Showers
The men’s and women’s toilets /change rooms are located on the same floor as the studio. There is a shower available for all students so please bring your own towels.

Chai / Breakfast After Class
There is a communal kitchen located directly outside the Yoga Room for our use. You are welcome to bring in your own mug & breakfast for a catch up after practice. We will be holding special chai mornings and chats so stay tuned for information online.

All beginners are then welcome to join the school on a monthly pass to practice at 6.30am daily. The first class will be short in duration and will deepen as the month progresses. The practice will be full instructed pose by pose.

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